Noura company

The first manufacturer of 3D SLM metal printer in Iran and service provider of 3D metal printer

Noura company was founded by professionals of additive manufacturing technology in 2013 in order to promote the scientific and technical aspects of this technology and commercialize metal 3D printers based on laser powder bed fusion technology.


Metal 3d Printer (SLM)

Selective laser melting (SLM) is one of the most rapid techniques for turning ideas into products. Large and innovative companies in the world implement this technology as a flexible, rapid, and cost-effective method to manufacture a product from digital data. Noura company is the first and only SLM machine manufacturer in Iran.

Metal 3D Printing Service

Additive Manufacturing technology (3D printers) is a tool to speed up the production process. As a proper alternative to traditional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing helps companies reduce their defective products and increase their productivity.

Metal Powder

Preparation of metal powders of different alloys such as titanium alloys, super alloys, nickel alloys, cobalt – chrome, aluminum alloys and stainless steels, from reliable international resources for SLM and DMD applications.