Powder Feeder

In order to transfer the coating powder in process using laser and plasma spray system is used. Powder feeder system designed to provide an automatic powder system  that acts on the transfer of powder through the carrier gas. The system is completely non-contact and no wear equipment. Therefore, for a variety of metal powders, ceramic, and polymer is suitable. High precision, efficiency and functionality with the least amount of powder perfect powder system to an ideal tool for laser and plasma spray coating process . Another feature of this system, enables the simultaneous delivery of two different types of powder flow that is suitable for the production of composite coatings.


  • Technical Data

    Powder size 50-150 um
    Powder rate 1-10 grams per minute for the 100 micron-sized iron powder (powder flow range to customers order can not change)
    Carrier gas flow rate 5 L / min to rate of  powder 1 g / min  iron powder
    Powder tank volume By default, 100cc (Powder tank volume to customers order can not change)
    Dimensions 40 × 35 × 63 cm3
    Weight 2Kg
    The color touch screen control
    Touch screen operation with gloves
    Connectivity to a PC with Windows 7 up
    Gas input and output pneumatic interfaces with the size 6mm


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