Cladding Head

Laser cladding process, one method of the coating , is widely used in various industries. In this process, energy of laser beam is absorbed with coating  and melts powder before reaching the substrate (surface) ,the other part of the laser light energy, melts a thin layer of the substrate surface and  minimal mixing between the coating and substrate is created.


  • Technical Data


    Powder size 50-150 um
    Shielding gas Min 5 L/min 
    Nozzles 4 (The number of powder spraying nozzles can be changed according to customers order)
    Powder outlet nozzle diameter 1mm (the diameter to customers order can be changed)
    Shielding gas output nozzle diameter 10mm (diameter of the order of the buyer can change)
    Weight 900 gr
    Laser devices by fiber-coupled connections  
    CO2 lasers connections in custom models  
    Gas inlet pneumatic interfaces with the size of 6mm  
    Powder carrier gas input interface with 4mm size  



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