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Manufacturing Iran's first SLM metal 3D printer


 SLM metal 3D printer

Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM) as the fastest path to turn ideas into commercial product to be introduced. Innovative companies and the largest in the world in various fields use this technology as a rapid, flexible and cost-effectiveness method for produce end-part products.

 Metal 3D Printing Services

Additive Manufacturing technology (3D printers) is a tool for speed up the production process. As a visualization tool, additive manufacturing help companies to reduce defective products .

Providing Metal Powders

Preparation of metal powderes such as titanium, super alloys, nickel alloys, chromium, aluminum, iron alloy, tungsten alloys from international sources .

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Our Services

Design and manufacturing of 3D printers and metal and non-metal parts 

Manufacturing 3D Metal printer Machine ,SLM

Creating Iran's first SLM metal 3D printer

Manufacturing Laser Cladding Machines

Design and production of laser-assisted manufacturing devices

Design and production of laser deposition devices, etc

Manufacturing metal parts with high dimensional accuracy

Selective laser melting technology to help manufacturing of complex parts, metal


Production of plastic parts with FDM technology


Supply of metal and non-metal powder for 3D printing

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